Hull Replating

The minimum hull thickness for insurance purposes is 4mm.  As your narrowboat becomes older, the steel work is subject to corrosion and wear which leads to thinning of the metal, which may at some stage need overplating. Modern baseplates are 10mm thick from new and are unlikely to require replating, but many older boats were built to a lesser standard.  Even modern boats are generally only built to a hull side thickness of 6mm, so it’s not unusual for corrosion to have taken it below 4mm, especially at the waterline, and particularly if regular hull blacking and anodic protection has been overlooked.

Overplating is a way of increasing your narrowboat’s life span to get many more year’s of fun out of it.  At Slipway Services we are specialists in hull replating or overplating.  All our hull replating and overplating work is undertaken at our Weaver Shipyard premises in Northwich.


Sometimes its only necessary to replate sections of the hull sides

Weed hatch trunking leaking?  No problem, we can remake one for you.

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